Borneo Pearls

The Borneo Pearls logo is a fundamental componant of our brand, designed to represent the civilization and herritage of Borneo, which echoes our company
and business. When used with care, our logo and accompanying elements become a powerful tool for building and maintaning the equity of the brand

  • The BP calligraphy is an Impersonation of the great Hornbill of Borneo which signifies strength and fortitude. The outer sphere aroundis an interpretation as the “Circle of Life” that reveals the three integral elements of Borneo; the seven Diamond, the Rosette and the Woman’s Craftship.

  • The Seven Diamond – This element is an abstract that represent the indigenious Dayak people of Borneo, and their seven main etchnic divisions: Ngaju, Apo Kayan, Iban, Kalemantan, Murut, Punan and Ot Danum. The nature of this element is beginning and end of life

  • The Rosette – Known as the ‘Bunga Teruong’ among the tribal people in Borneo, mainly
    the Ibans. This flower design embodies the armour of life and it’s known as a protection
    from iniquities.

  • The Woman’s Craftship – This element depicts the artisanship and skills of Borean Women.
    One of Borneo’s most valuable heritage.

Borneo Pearls Branding Concept

Through an extensive product range, Borneo Pearls have carved a specific niche in Malaysia’s prime tourist hotspots, nurturing boutiques around the region. This exclusionary craftmanship brand strategy has made Borneo Pearls favoured by tourists. Our business signifies Borneo’s exquisite natural wonders through a plethora of premium jewelry pieces and affordable exotic gifts; making Borneo Pearls a trusted brand.


This Tropical Paradise Borneo is home to the greatest biodiversity on the planet, supporting well over half of the global plant species. Highlights of this flora are the Rafflesia, the largest flower in the world, plus the huge insect-digesting Pitcher Plants.


The complexity of the Borneo tropical rainforest has created many niches accommodating a rich diversity of wildlife. The Borneo rainforest is one of the only remaining natural habitats for the endangered Orang-utan


Its is the third largest island in the world, in the extreme southwestern psrt of the pacific Ocean. It is the same tropical factor which contributes to warm seas surrounding Borneo and creating an abundance of life.


Borneo is home to one of the oldest primary rain forests on earth. It is the center of evolution and proliferation of many endemic plant and animal species.


Personalises the culture and ethnic tradition of Borneo. The rare indigenous architecture, traditions, tribal costumes and ritualistic ceremonies by various individual in the village tribes to characteristic their civilisation.