Story Behind Borneo Pearl

Borneo comprises of many islands and natives, each with a diverse ethnic background yet sharing similar novelties. Borneo Pearls has captured these novelties and reflected in its design works. Mirroring the island’s natural diversity and the tides of change that have swept through over the centuries, Borneo’s people are a mosaic of culturally distinct indigenous groups scattered across the landscape.

Pearl Education

There is a wide range of pearls around the world and many unique collections that separates these pearls from their nature. Borneo pearls have developed & learned about the importance of extracting pearls from oysters as well as maintaining a well balanced eco system.

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Giving Back To The Wild

Making a Difference

Every year hundreds of wildlife are lost in the forest of Borneo

Every year hundreds of wildlife are lost in the forest of Borneo, these animal who used to be the rightful owners of the 3rd largest Rain forest in the world now face their biggest threat “MAN” Today Borneo Pearls who are closely associated with nature, would like to to give back to men’s closes relative the “ The Orangutans ”. by fighting along side these intelligent creatures, by creating awareness through campaigns and activities to help support our partner organisation in Sabah. Watch the nurturing process of these little beauties as they are adopted and sheltered until they are ready to be released back into the wild again. Only together can we make a safer environment for the orangutans and all the other wildlife Borneo.

The change starts with us.

Safe Our Oceans

Let’s safe our Oceans together. The natural source of everything is now been contaminated and tarnished causing a very unbalance in our eco-system. Join us at Borneo Pearls as we help our partner Reef Check Malaysia to help safe our marine lives by keeping our oceans clean and safe for them.

The Beauty of Borneo

Borneo, The beauty of Borneo. Knowed as the 3rd largest rainforest in the world, Borneo is home for some of the most exotic and beautiful wilflife in the world. Borneo Pearls would like to pay tribute to some of these magnificent creatures here in Borneo.

Corporate Social Responsibility